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All our dolls are little individuals with hand stitched faces and big smiles. They have locked in eyes and a quality polyester filling.  Each doll within our Rosie Family will differ from his or her friends because each face expression and the clothes and trimming combination is slightly different each time creating a unique little personality.  If you want a doll made for a special occasion please contact us and we will either dress your doll in your own materials or provide a doll with hair and clothes colour of your own choice - often without any additional charge if materials are currently available within our workroom supplies.

UK Postage and packing has been included in the doll price. Please contact us for charges outside the UK.


£ 19.50 

Amy has blue eyes and blonde hair.  She is wearing a flowers and butterflies print dress with undies to match.  Her shoes are white satin and she is 37 cm tall.


Pink Jemima

£ 30.00 

Jemima is a big 60 cm tall and is dressed in pink gingham. She has a pinafore with navy blue patches and long legs with real baby 'crock' shoes on her feet


Little Orange Dancer

£ 19.50 

A little dancer with orange net tutu and white satin ballet shoes.  She is 38 cm tall



£ 30 

Another popular Jemima Longlegs doll in a pink fleecy coat and real trainers.  She is 60 cm tall



£ 19.50 

Bonnie has blonde hair and blue eyes.  She wears a pink flowery dress and pink linen shoes trimmed with bows.  She is 35 cm tall



£ 26.00 

Sam is a buddy for any little boy or girl.  He likes his new hoody and his real trainers.  He is 49 cm full of mischief.


Little Buddy

£ 20 

Little Buddy lives on Buttersquash Pumpkin Farm and likes hens.  He has a pet hen and wears real traineers.  He is 43 cm tall



£ 19.50 

Jenny has brown hair and blue eyes with a dark blue flowery cotton dress.  Her real shoes are white satin and she is 34 cm tall



£ 19.50 

Lucy is wearing a pink and turquoise dress trimmed with cream lace and a rosebud.  She has cream velvet shoes and is 37 cm tall


Tomboy Tilly

£ 19.50 

Tilly likes her trousers instead of a dress.  She does like her girly pink shoes and her necklace though.  Her hair is in pigtails and she is 37 cm tall



£ 19.50 

Mabel wears a dress with Mabel Lucy Atwell pictures on it and a pink fleece coat.  She has white satin shoes and is 39 cm tall


Polly Jemima

£ 35.00 

Polly is from the Longlegs family and is 64 cm high.  She wears a blue and white check dress with frilly undies and has real pink 'Croc' shoes.



£ 35 

Sunshine is a happy little girl.  She is 69 cm tall and wears a flowery pink dress and real 'Croc' shoes.



£ 19.50 

Sweetheart wears a pastel flowered seersucker dress and carries a little heart with a rose.  She is 44 cm tall with brown hair and wears white satin shoes.



£ 19.50 

Our little Champion has won a medal for football.  He wears his England shoes and is 41 cm tall.


Yellow Hoody

£ 20 

Our little yellow hoody boy has brown hair and real denim trainers.  He is 42 cm tall



£ 20 

Candy is 43 cm tall and is dressed in a blue and white cotton dress with red trim.  She wears white velvet shoes and is one of our hand crafted collector gollies.



£ 20 

Lulu is part of our Collector golly range. She is 43 cm tall and wears a checked dress with red trimmings and velvet baby shoes.  Her hair is in bunches with red ribbons and a heart shaped button .



£ 22 

Samuel is 50 cm tall and is part of our hand crafted Collector Gollly range.  He wears red chenille trousers and a pair of real cream canvas shoes.



Do you have a special occassion coming up.  We can make you a memory doll or a special bridesmaid's gift.  Just contact us and we can discuss your requirements without any commitment.