Rugs and Accessories - Online Store

All our rugs are traditionally hand made.  They are individually crafted and designed by Raggy Thyme.  We may make a similar rug but it will vary slightly in colour or content to any other rug previously shown in our gallery.  Contact us if you wish to commission a rug and we can discuss your style colour and size requirements. 

The weight of our rugs and accessories vary, therefore we have weighed each one and included the correct UK delivery cost within each price.  Contact us for delivery charges outside the UK.

Tools can be made in our own workshops to your specified materials for both proddy and hooky rugmaking - brass, mahogany etc.


Rug Kit

£ 9.50 

A kit to get you started or just to refresh your memory.  This kit contains enough hessian to make a doormat and includes a hand turned wooden prodder.  Full instructions, hints and tips and a few ideas are included.  We also provide a large steel needle and jute thread - if you want to back your completed rug with another piece of hessian - this is optional but backing instructions are also included.



£ 2.75 

Prodder made in hardwood - either Ramin or Obeche



£ 6.95 

125 cm x 190 cm 10oz (approx) Hessian.  Price includes post and packing



£ 100 

Based on a Charles Rennie Mackintosh tile.

Prodded 100% wool clips on hessian

84 cm x 81 cm 


Cock a Doodle

£ 90 

100% hand dyed wool on hessian

'One only' design

size  90cm x 77cm



Blue/green tweed

£ 70 

Hand dyed wool

Heavy duty  use

86 cm x 60 cm


Brown Tweedy

£ 150 

Hand dyed wool

Heavy duty use

138 cm x 84 cm



£ 150 

Hand dyed

'one only' design by Raggythyme

110 cm x 82 cm


Famille Rose

£ 160 

All hand dyed wool

A Raggythyme design

114 cm x 84 cm


Hot Tweed

£ 70 

Hand Dyed Wool

Heavy duty use

90 cm x 54


Peonies 3

£ 150 

Another variation of our popular 'Peonies' design in hand dyed wool.

110 cm x 82 cm


Tiles in green shades

£ 120 

Mixed wool and other fabrics

Another heavy weight tiles with mostly greens.

110 cm x 82 cm


Poppy Field

£ 300 

Natural cream wool with scarlet hand dyed poppies in a hand drawn design.  Very heavy unique rug.

183 cm x 122 cm